Collect and discharge up to 99.9+% of biopaste with no manual intervention with our patented Automatic Piston Discharge technology.


Most efficient clarifier in the centrifuge industry by outperforming the scraper and disc stack centrifuges in all bio-separations

Low shear

Designed to impart powerful separation forces but still be gentle to fragile cells and other sensitive bio-molecules.

If your goal in a centrifugation step is to maximize product purity and yield, choose the versatile Celeros APD centrifuge which is setting new standards for harvesting and clarification.

What customers are saying

“new-generation centrifuge system.”

“excellent choice for multi-product facilities”

“no direct contact with biomass, twice the throughput of the existing tubular bowl centrifuge, and it can be run without the presence of an operator”

“more than 2X the optimized process of the disc stack centrifuge of”

“excellent choice for multi-product facilities”

“We were able to produce the purest product we have ever produced”

“unique in its ability to discharge concentrated paste in a sealed environment”