How it works

Under rotation, bowl fills from bottom
Clarified centrate exits the case and is collected
Paste is retained on bowl wall
Bowl stops rotating, piston is actuated
Piston completely discharges the paste

Key features

The benefits of the APD centrifuge are focused on recovery and clarification, our solution allows you to collect more precious material and reduces the need for expensive downstream filtration.


The APD centrifuge enables you to collect and discharge up to 99.9+% of biopaste with no manual intervention. The discharge piston is tightly fitted to the bowl and feed cone so that all biopaste retains in the bowl or inside case of the machine.


The APD Solution greatly reduces the size and cost of downstream filtration steps. The clarifying power of up to 20,000 x G significantly maximizes separation efficiency and recovery of the high-value liquid phase. The APD has proven to be the most efficient clarifier in the centrifuge industry by outperforming the scraper and disc stack centrifuges in all bio-separations.

Low shear

Disruption of cells can reduce yields and complicate purification. The APD is designed to impart powerful separation forces but still be gentle to fragile cells and other sensitive bio-molecules.

Advanced Automation

APD technology significantly reduces manual labor costs associated with other tubular bowl and batch type centrifuges. Our centrifuge is programmable for greater consistency including built in Clean-In-Place (CIP) with optional Steam-In-Place (SIP) cycles.

Superior Clean-In-Place

Because of the simple, smooth interior of the APD, without discs or scraper mechanisms, it has demonstrated superior cleaning to all other centrifuge types.

Superior Steam-In-Place

The APD Centrifuge has proven to be totally steam sterilized. The operated machine case is ASME Code, Section 8 stamped for operator safety. The operation is fully automatic without operator intervention.

Sealed Operation

The APD Centrifuge is a completely sealed system that minimizes the risk of contamination of your product or exposing employees to bio hazards. This sealed operation permits isolated transfer of both paste and liquid phases by discharging materials into the mobile mix tank or disposable bag without human intervention.


Rotational forces up to 20,000 x G; PLC control for process flexibility; Precision temperature control; Scalable solutions from 0.4 to 40 liter solids capacity.


  1. Natural Vaccines & Blood Products
    • Inactivation/attenuation of cultured of microbes
    • Blood plasma fractionation (i.e. Cohn fractionation)
  2. Recombinant Small/Non-glycosylated Proteins (e.g. insulin)
  3. Mostly intracellular expression of an insoluble product)
    • Bacterial fermentation (e.g. E. coli)
    • Yeast fermentation (e.g. S. cerevisiae)
  4. Recombinant Large/Glycosylated Proteins & MAbs
    • Mammalian cell culture (mostly extracellular expression of a soluble product)
    • Insect cell culture (mostly intracellular expression of a soluble product)

*Hydraulic capacity using water. Actual values may vary depending on process and objectives.

APD Centrifuge in Operation


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