Since 2004, Celeros has been designing, manufacturing and delivering a scalable range of solid-liquid separation solutions for bioprocessing and pharmaceutical organizations worldwide. Our company was founded on a brilliant invention---patented APD (Automatic Piston Discharge) centrifugation technology, and innovation remains at the heart of everything we do. Celeros APD centrifuges are a closed and solid-liquid centrifuge that uses an automated piston to discharge collected materials. APD centrifuges have been successfully tested and approved for laboratory pilot and production scale operations in a variety of applications: microbial, fungal, insect cell, algae, mammalian, blood work, and plasma fractionation applications. The benefits of the APD centrifuge are focused on recovery and clarification, APD centrifugation allows you to collect more precious material and reduces the need for expensive downstream filtration. APD achieves high product yields with complete automation, no manual intervention required, saving you tremendous labor and time. Celeros APD technology has been proven to outperform all competitive centrifuges in all common bioprocessing applications.

For more than a decade, Celeros has proudly served the key players in biotherapeutic industry:

What do customers say?

“new-generation centrifuge system.”

“excellent choice for multi-product facilities”

“no direct contact with biomass, twice the throughput of the existing tubular bowl centrifuge, and it can be run without the presence of an operator”

“more than 2X the optimized process of the disc stack centrifuge of”

“best possible technology [for the blood processing industry].”

“unique in its ability to discharge concentrated paste in a sealed environment”

“We were able to produce the purest product we have ever produced”