ModelBowl Volume/Pelleting Capacity per CycleMaximum ThroughputRotational ForceProcessing VolumeProduction Size
APD 0.50.5 L0.8 L/min0-20,000 x G0~3L/hourR&D Lab
APD 1.01.0 L1.4 L/min0-20,000 x G 0~60 L/hourR&D Lab; Pilot; Small Production
APD 5.05.0 L7 L/min0-20,000 x G0~300 L/hourPilot; Small or Medium Production
APD 10.010.0 L15 L/min0-20,000 x G0~600 L/hourSmall or Medium Production
APD 50.050.0 L70 L/min0-20,000 x G0~3000 L/hourMedium or Large Production

The Celeros product line features a scalable range of centrifuges adaptable to process development labs, pilot plants, and production scale bioprocessing facilities. APD centrifuges are built to cGMP standards, and are suitable for processing volumes from 10 to 10,000 liters, and can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.